This program is under construction and subject to change.

Monday, 17 June

Tutorial – Introduction to AI & Law (Half day, Morning)
Tutorial – Defeasible Logic for Normative Reasoning (Half day, Morning)
Doctoral Consortium (Half day, Afternoon)
2nd Workshop on AI in Legal Practice (Full day)
1st Workshop on AI vs. Intelligent Assistance for Legal Professionals in the Digital Workplace (LegalAIIA) (Full day)
LegRegSW 2019: A Workshop on a Legislation and Regulation Semantic Web – a shared corpus task (Full day)
1st Workshop on Artificial Intelligence and the Administrative State (Full day)

18h-20h Reception

@ Local Local, Pav. 3200 Jean-Brillant, Université de Montréal

Tuesday, 18 June

Main Conference

Wednesday, 19 June

Main Conference

18h30 – 22h30 Conference dinner

@ Agora Morris et Rosalind-Goodman, Pavillon Jean-Coutu, Université de Montréal

Thursday, 20 June

Main Conference

Friday, 21 June

Tutorial – Automated Deduction with Legal Texts (Half day, Morning)
Competition on Legal Information Extraction and Entailment (COLIEE 2019) (Full day)
ASAIL 2019: Third Workshop on Automated Detection, Extraction and Analysis of Semantic Information in Legal Texts (Full day)
2nd XAILA – eXplainable AI and LAw workshop (Full day)
2nd MWAIL: Multilingual Workshop on AI & Law research (Half day, afternoon)

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